Thursday, October 23, 2008

We've got Costumes!

My mother went to the thrift store yesterday and found some great things for the kids. Larissa wants to be a Pirate, so we got her a few things to make up a costume.

I think we will add a sword, earrings, and maybe a big belt.

Joshua wants to be a Vampire. Im thinking, thats easy. But we did find a cape, and some make-up. So now we just need to get him a white shirt and some black pants.

The babies were a bit harder. I wanted them to be something cute. But I kinda wanted to get them into a costume that matched. But we were having a hard time finding matching costumes. But my mom lucked out, she found these two matching lion costumes that were only 4 dollars each. Sure beats the 20.00 + that you can pay at the stores.

So with just a few more added touches.. we are done! I cant believe it, we usually get costumes the night before!! hahahahahah

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