Tuesday, March 22, 2011

San Antonio Zoo

This year, for Spring Break we decided to head over to San Antonio to take the kids to the Zoo. We had gone last time to the zoo in 2008. And the little girls were much smaller, so this time I think they enjoyed it a lot more.

Spring Break 2011






She was so excited to see the Elephants.. but when she got there, She said "They Stink!"


For Kaelani's 10th Birthday, She asked for Elmo Cakes.. So here is what I came up with!

Elmo Cake

Elmo Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Kaelani!!

Happy 10th Birthday!!


I keep trying

Well I keep trying to post something, but then I think about what I want to write, and it just seems like there is so much, so I dont write. but I think I need to just go from now, and not worry about playing catch up. So, Ill try that!