Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Mothers Day to me!

Spent a nice day with Johnny's family!! And my beautiful children!

Me and Cordelia just enjoying the day.

Happy Birthday Welita!

In honor of my Welita's birthday and Mothers day.. we spent time at the park, together with the family! A great time was had by all. Cant wait to do it again!

Happy Birthday Welita!

Got all the grandkids and great grandkids to take a picture

A few of the older grandchildren

We even got her to hit her pinata!

Chuy's Hot to Trot

We are loving this race thing.. And we are getting better at it. We arent finishing the race in less than 20 min.. but we are having fun! This one, we came in at 50 min exactly! By that time, the girls were asleep.
Enjoying the family time!
The one who started it all!
Its the Chuy's fish!

Track and Field!

That time of year again.. Time for Track and Field.

Joshua enjoying the day!

Little nervous about the three legged race, since he is so tall!
Her last Elementry Field day!

She worked all week to be able to go the distance in jumping rope!

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Check out my Cinco de Mayo cake.. I like the way the red pepper came out.

Bun Run!

Well I managed to drag my husband and kids out for a little 5K fun!! But it was awesome having some extended family out to join us as well. This was his first race, and he really enjoyed it. He came in with the time of 53 min. and I was at 55 min.

Ready for the race!

She was excited, might not admit it, but she was!

He had a great time, He beat us all!!

They had a great time watching all the dogs!

Great having Family to join us!

Her first "Formal" Dance

Awe, she is getting so big. Her first "Formal" Dance!

With her Friend Delinda
Laughing it up with Tara!

A day at the Lake

Well not really the lake, but thats what they call it. Such a nice day out that day!! I couldnt help but to take pictures.

In the Bluebonnets

yea, I used to think it was cheesy to have family pictures of the kids in the bluebonnets, but at some point.. I always end up taking these same pictures. Now insisting to have my kids sit there and take picture after picture. I see they really think these pictures are cheese. I dont worry, cause one day. They will cherish these pictures!


Wow, so grown up!!

Texas Round-Up

My next race was another 10K. I finished this one in 1 hour 44 min. This one was hard, mostly cause I didnt know what to expect. But I got thru it. Can't wait to do it again next year.

At the start of my second 10K

Finishing up under 2 hours!

Me and my cousin enjoying the race!