Friday, September 11, 2009

Never Forget

There are no words, just prayer.

So it was my turn for a dinner suprise!

I had mentioned the Tator Tot Casserole before to hubby, but he didnt seem interested. So in our quest to change up dinner, I suggested it again. And again, he was not excited about it, but agreed to try it. AND he loved it. And so did the kids. My picky 11 year old decided that its a new favorite, and agrees, you cant go wrong with Tator Tots and Cheese!

So here is the tator tots!!

And here is the Cheese!!

I saw many recipes for this online, but Overall.. I just went for what we wanted to eat.. and topped it with Tator tots and cheese!! Again, how can you go wrong.

2 lbs Hamburger meat

2 cans Cream of Mushroom

1 bag Broccoli chucks

1 bag Tator tots (thawed)

And we didnt measure the cheese, we just poured it on!

Very easy, Very Yummy and its going on our menu!!

(Edited to add.. How to make it.. hahaha.. Well Brown meat, Drain, add soup, add veggies, put into pan, top with Tator tots and then cheese!! And cook for like 20 min on 350. Yes, I know I forgot to put the directions on!!)

Hubby Suprised me with Dinner!

After a long day, there is nothing better than Not having to cook! Well Hubby decided to cook us dinner.. And boy was it great.

Oh man it was good. Brown Rice, Veggies and Bacon covered Shrimp!!

(Side note, I caught hubby taking pictures of his dinner. I think Im rubbing off on him!)

Getting so big!!

My girls are getting so big!!

Say "Princess"!!

Boy Scouts

We just put our son in Boy Scouts. He has asked and asked about joining, and going on 8 years old, we feel now is the best time for him to start. So, We enrolled him! One if the first things he is being asked to do is cook a meal by himself. Im very nervous about this.. Kids, in the kitchen, with heat.. UM.. Panic Mode!! But we chose something easy to make, and quick. He cooked up and served out Macaroni and Cheese with Fish Sticks. I know, nothing fancy. But he did a great job. And we can check that off our list.

Adding the Cheese to the Macaroni.

Serving the plates of food.

Counting out Fish Sticks for everyone.

Serving his sisters!
I think I could get used to having my kids do all the cooking. Now, I didnt let him wash the dishes. Water and soap everywhere.. I could just see it!

Zucchini Pancakes

At the doctors office the other day.. I was going thru a magazine, and came accross this recipe. Sounds easy, and Yummy. So I snapped the picture!

Turns out.. It was easy! And Oh so yummy!!

First day of School 09

On our Way to the First day of School!!

Larissa in 5th grade!

Joshua my 2nd grader!

Kaelani in 3rd grade!

Ants, Ants, Ants Everywhere!!

This is what happens when you are eating a cookie, and set it down.

And this is what happens, when you go back after a couple of hours and try to eat the cookie you set down.

Yes, she went and picked up the cookie and started to eat it. It was in her room, and the lights were off in there. She went back in and only had the light of the TV in the room, so she didnt see that it was covered in Ants. By the time she came crying to me, the ants were crawling out of her mouth. It looked like a bad horror movie. Right away her lips swelled up and her cheeks turned pink. I called the doctor and they suggested I give her benadryl. It helped her and she was able to get to sleep. Poor baby!! Now everything is.. Does it have Ants. My poor child is scared for life of Ants!

Daycare Talent Show

In school, I never had the guts to get up and do anything for a talent show. And Ive lived my life believing that I do not have any kind of talent. So, when my kids came to me and said they wanted to be in the talent show for thier daycare. I was pretty proud. Thinking back now, I will try to help them more to work at it. They did a great job, but maybe they needed a little bit more confidence. But so proud watching them up there.

My Oldest daughter sang with a friend of hers. They sang "You belong to me" by Taylor Swift.

Next up, My son. He Danced (yes, Danced) to Thriller. He did very good, especially for someone who has never shown much interest in dancing.

My niece even got in on the talent and sand "Take a Bow" by Rihanna.

Snickerdoodle Mess

Ok, I tried to make my favorite cookie, and well. It did not come out as I expected. Im gonna blame the recipe I got off the internet. And soon, I will try them again!

What the...

Nice to come in to work on a Monday morning.. to a man hanging out side your window, On the second floor!