Friday, September 11, 2009

Boy Scouts

We just put our son in Boy Scouts. He has asked and asked about joining, and going on 8 years old, we feel now is the best time for him to start. So, We enrolled him! One if the first things he is being asked to do is cook a meal by himself. Im very nervous about this.. Kids, in the kitchen, with heat.. UM.. Panic Mode!! But we chose something easy to make, and quick. He cooked up and served out Macaroni and Cheese with Fish Sticks. I know, nothing fancy. But he did a great job. And we can check that off our list.

Adding the Cheese to the Macaroni.

Serving the plates of food.

Counting out Fish Sticks for everyone.

Serving his sisters!
I think I could get used to having my kids do all the cooking. Now, I didnt let him wash the dishes. Water and soap everywhere.. I could just see it!

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