Friday, September 11, 2009

So it was my turn for a dinner suprise!

I had mentioned the Tator Tot Casserole before to hubby, but he didnt seem interested. So in our quest to change up dinner, I suggested it again. And again, he was not excited about it, but agreed to try it. AND he loved it. And so did the kids. My picky 11 year old decided that its a new favorite, and agrees, you cant go wrong with Tator Tots and Cheese!

So here is the tator tots!!

And here is the Cheese!!

I saw many recipes for this online, but Overall.. I just went for what we wanted to eat.. and topped it with Tator tots and cheese!! Again, how can you go wrong.

2 lbs Hamburger meat

2 cans Cream of Mushroom

1 bag Broccoli chucks

1 bag Tator tots (thawed)

And we didnt measure the cheese, we just poured it on!

Very easy, Very Yummy and its going on our menu!!

(Edited to add.. How to make it.. hahaha.. Well Brown meat, Drain, add soup, add veggies, put into pan, top with Tator tots and then cheese!! And cook for like 20 min on 350. Yes, I know I forgot to put the directions on!!)

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