Friday, June 3, 2011

Upside Down Pineapple Cupcakes

Oh, these were very good! I usually like the whole cake, but these were a nice little snack. Very easy to make. Just a regular Pineapple cake mix.

After mixing it, I just put a small amount of butter in my cupcake pans, along with brown sugar, chopped pineapples, and cherries. I put them into the oven for a bit to melt the butter before putting in the cake mix.

When they were done, I let them cool for a minute, then turned them out onto a cookie sheet. And they came out great. I think I should put a little more crushed pineapple next time.

Track and Field!

Having fun at Track & Field!

Limbo Time

Long Jump

Joshua had a great time. Good thing this year we only had to be there for one kid. Next year, we will have Cordelia's to go to also!

Welcome Evaluna

Welcome to the family!

Evaluna Rae - 5-5-11

Victoria, Kaelani & Evaluna

Mema & Evaluna

Popo & Evaluna

Welcome Baby!

Happy Easter!

Easter this year was a lot of fun. The little girls are now big enough to do all the Egg hunts all on thier own. And the big kids are still willing to participate!

Happy Easter 2011

Egg Hunts!

We must have actually gone to lots of Easter Egg hunts this year. The kids had a great time! Im sure by next year, my big kids will be past the Hunt Stage! Too bad.

Great sense of humor!
Following the big kids!

Ready for the next Hunt

Cordelia got lots of eggs

Bianca got the most eggs at our last hunt. She got 82 eggs! She even won a basket!

My Sisters Babyshower

I had a lot of fun helping out with my sisters babyshower! I had always wanted to be able to make a diaper cake, and I have finally got the chance!!

Victoria & Baby Evaluna

The Diaper Cake

Its a Girl Cupcakes

She got lots of pretty gifts!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

San Antonio Zoo

This year, for Spring Break we decided to head over to San Antonio to take the kids to the Zoo. We had gone last time to the zoo in 2008. And the little girls were much smaller, so this time I think they enjoyed it a lot more.

Spring Break 2011






She was so excited to see the Elephants.. but when she got there, She said "They Stink!"


For Kaelani's 10th Birthday, She asked for Elmo Cakes.. So here is what I came up with!

Elmo Cake

Elmo Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Kaelani!!

Happy 10th Birthday!!


I keep trying

Well I keep trying to post something, but then I think about what I want to write, and it just seems like there is so much, so I dont write. but I think I need to just go from now, and not worry about playing catch up. So, Ill try that!