Friday, March 6, 2009

Picture Day!!

The girls just started Daycare and I was so excited that they were going to be having a Picture Day!! For the girls first picture day, I went and got them the same dress! I know, I know. I always said I would never dress my children the same, but since they are so close in age and size, I love to see them dressed the same. The bad thing, was that I got Cordy's dress too small. She must have grown overnight! So I had to add some shorts at the last minute. But it was ok. The teachers had a little trouble getting Bianca to calm down and take her pictures, so they told me that they put them together in a couple of shots. So Im hoping those would come out great. I hadnt even thought about asking to put them together in a picture, but they did it anyways. So it worked out!!

Very Cute together!!

Cordy, Somehow her ponytails were uneven. But I fixed it!

So Beautiful!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sometimes, I love my job!

Ok, occasionally, I forget where I work. The joy and the beauty escapes me. I tell People, I work at the Capitol. And some are like, WOW. That must be exciting. and to tell you the truth. It really isnt. Ive been at my job for 10 years this year!! And while it has its moments. I really do Love my job. Especially days like today!! We got Lunch from the Salt lick, and a little entertainment! So in the great weather.. Im reminded why I love my job!

The view from my office!

The View from inside!

Yummy, lunch!!

Great entertainment!


An Awesome Dessert!!

First Day of Daycare!

Oh, we are so sad. Sad to have to put the girls in Daycare. But we sorta have to. Its time. Johnny has been a stay at home dad for a while now. And he has loved it. And working at night has worked out for us. But I know that it has been rough for all of us, cause I get home, and he goes to work. And we miss him at night. So, we are finally putting the girls in Daycare so Johnny can work during the days and we can all be together at night and on weekends. Yesterday was the first day of Daycare. The girls were very excited. We got all thier things together and I let Cordelia pick things out to take. And I made the girls some pillows to take. I would like to have had more time to make them with better fabric. But I went ahead and made them from some of our old pillow cases. They were actually very easy to make. So when I do get more fabric, I think Ill make them some cute ones. When we picked up the girls in the afternoon. They were so excited to see us. But taking them in this morning, they were sad. Bianca started to cry and Cordelia just looked confused. That is the worst part. Im hoping it wont take to long for them to get used to going there. I really think they will have a great time.

Ready with thier Pillows! Perfect kid sized!

Smiling and laughing getting ready for the day.

Cordelia with her Princess back pack all ready.

Bianca holding onto her pillow!

Family Night at Johnny Carinos!

Oh, Yummy! Johnny Carino's has Family Night on Mondays. They have these family platters that serve 2 - 4 people. And on Mondays you get a family platter for the price of a single platter. So very awesome. Especially since there are 6 of us. We are always on the look out for good deals. We like to go out to restaurants but it makes it a little hard, price wise, cause our family is big. So we went to Family night.. and it was great. I would go every Monday if we had the money! We paid 33.00 for all of us to eat. We got 2 family platters and a mini appetizer. Although, we would have been good with just one family platter. But we wanted a more grown up taste, and the kids got spaghetti! So, next time you are looking to go some place cheap, for the whole family, Check out Family Night at Johnny Carinos!!

The kids got Spaghetti and Meatballs

We got the Chicken Milano. Chicken Breast covered with a slice of ham, provolone cheese, and basil leaves. Served with Fettichini Noodles. Very Yummy.

Cordelia ate all her plate, and then began to eat off mine!

Bianca Loved the meatballs!

All were very happy with the food selection. No problem getting them all to eat!

Lets Go Fly A Kite!

This Sunday was the Zilker Kite Festival. We talked about going, and decided it would be a beautiful day and fun for the kids. So we went to eat breakfast and while sitting there we decided that, we would have to go to a parking garage, and catch the bus, to get down to the park. We still needed to get a few kites, and then walk from the bus stop to the park grounds. And wow, that just seemed like so much. So we decided to go to Dollar tree, get us some Kites and go to the park near our house. That way, we could park right there, let the kids play on the playground while we put together our kites and then Fly them around the parking lot. It turned out to be a really great kite day. Bianca slept thru most of it, but she joined us at the end and had a great time.

Larissa trying to get her Sponge Bob Kite up in the air.

Cordelia just couldnt figure out how to get hers to work. She got a Dora one, but Dad ended up flying that one, and we worked on getting Bianca's Strawberry Shortcake in the air!

Johnny and Joshua managed to get his Spider Man Kite up and going. Joshua also managed to get it caught in the tree. But I got it loose and it was back to flying!!

We did it! We got Strawberry Shortcake in the Air!!

Banana Pudding Cupcake

I really liked this one. Not my favorite, but I really liked it. I used the Banana Surpreme Cake mix. I added in 2 bananas. Then for the Frosting, I used a basic Cream Cheese frosting. And I added in a package of Banana Pudding Mix to the frosting. And it came out great!!