Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Family Night at Johnny Carinos!

Oh, Yummy! Johnny Carino's has Family Night on Mondays. They have these family platters that serve 2 - 4 people. And on Mondays you get a family platter for the price of a single platter. So very awesome. Especially since there are 6 of us. We are always on the look out for good deals. We like to go out to restaurants but it makes it a little hard, price wise, cause our family is big. So we went to Family night.. and it was great. I would go every Monday if we had the money! We paid 33.00 for all of us to eat. We got 2 family platters and a mini appetizer. Although, we would have been good with just one family platter. But we wanted a more grown up taste, and the kids got spaghetti! So, next time you are looking to go some place cheap, for the whole family, Check out Family Night at Johnny Carinos!!

The kids got Spaghetti and Meatballs

We got the Chicken Milano. Chicken Breast covered with a slice of ham, provolone cheese, and basil leaves. Served with Fettichini Noodles. Very Yummy.

Cordelia ate all her plate, and then began to eat off mine!

Bianca Loved the meatballs!

All were very happy with the food selection. No problem getting them all to eat!

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