Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First Day of Daycare!

Oh, we are so sad. Sad to have to put the girls in Daycare. But we sorta have to. Its time. Johnny has been a stay at home dad for a while now. And he has loved it. And working at night has worked out for us. But I know that it has been rough for all of us, cause I get home, and he goes to work. And we miss him at night. So, we are finally putting the girls in Daycare so Johnny can work during the days and we can all be together at night and on weekends. Yesterday was the first day of Daycare. The girls were very excited. We got all thier things together and I let Cordelia pick things out to take. And I made the girls some pillows to take. I would like to have had more time to make them with better fabric. But I went ahead and made them from some of our old pillow cases. They were actually very easy to make. So when I do get more fabric, I think Ill make them some cute ones. When we picked up the girls in the afternoon. They were so excited to see us. But taking them in this morning, they were sad. Bianca started to cry and Cordelia just looked confused. That is the worst part. Im hoping it wont take to long for them to get used to going there. I really think they will have a great time.

Ready with thier Pillows! Perfect kid sized!

Smiling and laughing getting ready for the day.

Cordelia with her Princess back pack all ready.

Bianca holding onto her pillow!

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