Friday, March 6, 2009

Picture Day!!

The girls just started Daycare and I was so excited that they were going to be having a Picture Day!! For the girls first picture day, I went and got them the same dress! I know, I know. I always said I would never dress my children the same, but since they are so close in age and size, I love to see them dressed the same. The bad thing, was that I got Cordy's dress too small. She must have grown overnight! So I had to add some shorts at the last minute. But it was ok. The teachers had a little trouble getting Bianca to calm down and take her pictures, so they told me that they put them together in a couple of shots. So Im hoping those would come out great. I hadnt even thought about asking to put them together in a picture, but they did it anyways. So it worked out!!

Very Cute together!!

Cordy, Somehow her ponytails were uneven. But I fixed it!

So Beautiful!!

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