Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lets Go Fly A Kite!

This Sunday was the Zilker Kite Festival. We talked about going, and decided it would be a beautiful day and fun for the kids. So we went to eat breakfast and while sitting there we decided that, we would have to go to a parking garage, and catch the bus, to get down to the park. We still needed to get a few kites, and then walk from the bus stop to the park grounds. And wow, that just seemed like so much. So we decided to go to Dollar tree, get us some Kites and go to the park near our house. That way, we could park right there, let the kids play on the playground while we put together our kites and then Fly them around the parking lot. It turned out to be a really great kite day. Bianca slept thru most of it, but she joined us at the end and had a great time.

Larissa trying to get her Sponge Bob Kite up in the air.

Cordelia just couldnt figure out how to get hers to work. She got a Dora one, but Dad ended up flying that one, and we worked on getting Bianca's Strawberry Shortcake in the air!

Johnny and Joshua managed to get his Spider Man Kite up and going. Joshua also managed to get it caught in the tree. But I got it loose and it was back to flying!!

We did it! We got Strawberry Shortcake in the Air!!

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