Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Ok, it took me a while, but I came up with my own top ten list of scary movies. And Im a big wuss when it comes to horror movies, so for the ones that my husband has subjected me to, these are my top ten. But first.. here are his top Ten.

10. Fright Night
9. Poltergeist
8. Night of the Living Dead
7. The Howlilng
6. American Warewolf in London
5. Nightmare on Elm Street 1
4. The Descent
3. The Shining
2. Phantasm
1. The Exorcist

Johnny is from the older school. He has seen many horror movies. Which is why Ive been "Forced" to watch them, so some of mine are newer. But there are a few classics in there.

10) House of Wax (2005) - This is one of the first scary movies I watched as an adult. Yes, I managed to avoid them for quite a while! I had seen WaxWork when I was younger, and I liked that movie, so I thought.. Im sure I can handle this one. But Man!! My heart was pumping so hard, I thought I was going to pass out! I didnt think it would be such a good movie, more cheesy, you know, cause of Paris Hilton. But I was amused by the way she died. Hum!

9) Night of the Living Dead (1968) - I really liked the remakes of this. Return of the Living Dead in in the 80's and then more remakes in the 90's. But this one was the one to start it all. First off WTG on the black lead character. But the Black and White of this movie, made it that more creepy. For being done in the late 60's they really did amazing things with this movie. Its the Horror movie that keeps on Horroring.. I know thats not a word!

8) The Hills Have Eyes (2006) - Can I say.. this movie has one of the most disturbing scenes that I have ever witnessed! The part when they are in the RV and for one.. They kill the mother, the bird, and then one of them is actually Breastfeeding from one of the victims! WTH! Not only were these people beyond ugly, but come on! I was disturbed! But it really did scare me enough to know.. NEVER take Short Cuts!!

7) Hellraiser (1987) - Ok, I wanted to be able to do the puzzles. But I didnt want things come after me like that. Pinhead is one of the greatest villians. In my opinion! He seemed so calm and smart and almost made him an ok guy. Well untill Cenobites came and you were screwed! That scene where they rip Frank apart.. Bleeeeh

6) Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) - I have never seen the original, but I remember driving with my grandparents to Belton every year, and my uncle would tell me that we were going to drive right by the house, and if I didnt behave, they would leave me there. OMG. Dont tell that to a child! hahahaha.. But it scared me enough to not ever watch the movie. I didnt know what went on in that house, And I didnt want to! But when the remake came out. I thought Id give it a try. AND NO, I still dont want to be left there.. But I can see how that was a good scare tactic!

5) Poltergeist (1982) - This movie taught me two things. I will never have a child sized clown anywhere in the house!! And if building a pool, do it in one day!! So many things in this movie freaked me out. The Clown.. Really do I have to say anything else! But the part when the mom is running down the hall and it keeps getting longer and longer. That is a scary feeling for a mother! But what messed me up, was when they are in the pool, and the skeletons are coming up. Yikes!

4) Cujo (1983) - After this.. I was no longer a dog lover! I remember seeing this as a child and being totally freaked out, not only by big dogs, but by bats!! All I could remember was that this dog was mad.. and it had something to do with Bats. But I got to see this last year.. AND oh man! this movie is insane.. and so is that dog. Its old sure, but the fear is the same. Danny Pintauro did a great job as a child. I wonder if he had nightmares of Dogs chasing him! Oh and DYK, the mom was having an affair? I didnt.. not till I was an adult. Isnt it funny how you notice new things when you watch movies over again!

3) The Entity (1981) - I felt so bad for Barbara Hershey! I first saw this when I was young.. and I didnt know what was happening to her when that thing molested her. But I knew that overall.. It was tourmenting her. Not only was she being attacked, but no one believed her. To think that everything is happening to you and no one can help you is a very scary feeling. This movie doesnt have a villan you can see and that makes your imagination work overtime. But just to see what this thing does to her, its very disturbing.

2) The Shining (1980) - This is the one! The movie that gave me nightmares for weeks and made me vow to never watch a scary movie again! EVER. And I hadnt I had gone years with out really watching another movie, cause this movie scared the snot out of me!! I have seen it recently, cause my daughter is Horror Junkie along with my husband, and she likes this movie. But you know what.. Its not that bad. Sure there are some creepyness, and yikesness.. but overall not so scary anymore. Dont get me wrong. Its still one of the greatest Horror movies ever made. And I really hope no one ever tries to remake it.. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"

1) The Descent (2005) - Those creatures were Fantastic!! They were so horrifying that I could not sit still watching this. And it gave Johnny a nightmare! Ive seen lots of movies, but this one just sucked.. they fought to stay alive but they were dead when they got trapped! This movie makes you remember why you are scared of the dark, Oh and blind creatures that can only track by sound!! I saw this in my home and I could not contain myself. I can not imagine watching this in the theater. I would have pee'd myself! Its not the greatest of stories, but how many horror films are actually great stories. This one was all scare factor.

There it is.. My top 10 Scariest Movies! If you havent seen any of these, go.. rent.. Or Share with me your favorite, so I can go Rent!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Access Hollywood's Top 10 Scariest Movies

Ive looked and looked, and I found a list of the Top 10 scariest movies. But, this is a list from last year. Its the Access Hollywood list. I found other ones, but they were some weird movies. And this is the one that would be possibly closest to what I would pick. So here goes.

10)“Poltergeist” (1982): Who can forget when innocent little Carol Anne Freeling stared into her static-filled TV screen and then cryptically announced, “They’re heeere!” That was followed by edge-of-your seat thrills that consisted of an ominous tree breaking through a window, Carol Anne’s own abduction by angry supernatural beings, and a freaked-out scientist who pulled the flesh off of his face. And just when you thought it was over, all hell breaks loose for a terrifying climax that literally brought the house down.

9) “Jaws” (1975): Movies don’t have to take place in haunted houses to be scary, as director Steven Spielberg proved in the summer of 1975. The first-ever blockbuster to gross more than $100 million kept people lined up around the corner and, appropriately, out of the water. And, amazingly, they didn’t even get a good look at the killer shark until the end of the film. That’s because the mechanical shark (nicknamed “Bruce,” after Spielberg’s attorney) didn’t work right, but not seeing the shark turned out to be the scariest thing about it.

8) “Alien” (1979): Director Ridley Scott’s breakthrough film is less of a sci-fi movie and more of a horror flick that happens to be set in outer space. Scott set up an impending sense of dread, only to have it pay off as the crew members of the Nostromo got picked off by an alien with no sympathy and no remorse. Director James Cameron picked up the reigns for the sequel, 1986’s “Aliens,” which is generally considered to be the best of the series. But in terms of genuine scares, nothing tops the sight of the newborn alien bursting through the stomach of John Hurt as his colleagues looked on in, well, horror.

7)“Psycho” (1960): The shower scene. Bernard Herrmann’s musical score. The Bates Motel. Norman. “Mother! Oh, God, mother! Blood! Blood!” Damn, it’s impressive how much this classic still holds up. They didn’t call Alfred Hitchcock the “Master of Suspense” for nothing.

6)“An American Werewolf in London” (1981): Director John Landis was on a roll after “Animal House” and “The Blues Brothers,” and “An American Werewolf in London” certainly continued his flair for comic timing. But when push came to shove, it was a smart, clever and flat-out-scary contemporary update of one of the most classic of all the movie monsters. But the film is best remembered for the groundbreaking transformation from man to beast, which is still impressive by today’s standards. If you don’t believe it, go back and see for yourself. Just stay on the road, keep clear of the moors – and beware the moon.

5)“The Silence of the Lambs” (1991): No wonder director Jonathan Demme’s masterpiece swept the Academy Awards with wins for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Director and Best Picture. It’s deeply engrossing from start-to-finish, and it’s perfect to watch with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. And Anthony Hopkins’ brilliant portrayal of the cunning Dr. Hannibal Lecter was so disturbing, vivid and unforgettable, it’s hard to believe he was only on screen for less than 17 minutes.

4)“Halloween” (1978): It’s the movie that launched a thousand slasher pics and serial killers, but Jason from “Friday the 13th” and Freddy from “A Nightmare on Elm Street” owe it all to Michael Meyers, the masked killer from John Carpenter’s horror classic. Yes, it was bloody, and it led to films that, to this day, continue to push the boundaries of limitless gore. But it was still an incredibly intense film that exploited the fears instilled by “the night he came home,” and it made a scream queen out of a very young Jamie Lee Curtis.

3)“Night of the Living Dead” (1968): If George A. Romero collected royalties for all the films that were inspired by his first zombie classic, then he’d never have to work again. But despite being shot in black-and-white on an ultra-low budget, the original is still the best – and the scariest. And it wasn’t because of the flesh-eating zombies that prowled around outside the abandoned house. It was because of the people stuck inside, who turned on each other in ways that were more dangerous than the zombies who preyed on them.

2)“The Exorcist” (1973): What could possibly be scarier than the prospect of a sweet little girl named Regan possessed by the devil? Not a whole lot, judging by the horrific reaction from moviegoers who got sick while watching director William Friedkin’s classic during its original release. And who can blame them. Seeing Regan stab herself with a cross, turn her head all the way around and vomit pea soup is just as terrifying now as it was back in 1973.

1)“The Shining” (1980): Okay, so here it is – the movie that I had the gall to watch by myself of that fateful night. And I was doing just fine, until clairvoyant Danny Torrance turned the corner to find himself face-to-face with the ghosts of two dead twins. Actually, director Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece is the ultimate haunted house story – a dysfunctional family trapped in a big, old creepy hotel, cut off from the rest of civilization by fierce winter storms. And as the writer who descends into insanity and puts the rest of his family at risk, Jack Nicholson’s disturbing performance is legendary. “Heeere’s Johnny,” indeed!
Ill post up my own top 10 tomorrow, and maybe a couple more people!!

Fall Festival

We had a good time at the Fall Festival this past weekend. We only did a few things but the kids enjoyed it. We didnt dress the kids up. We never do, we have gone to a few festivals, but we have fun either way. Cordy enjoyed the bouncing castle, Larissa got her hair painted and Joshua attempted to putt a golf ball in.
Cordelia getting a black cat painted on her face. It was the first time she had her face painted, and she did really good.

Joshua taking his turn putting.

That girl loves to get her hair painted. But then by the end of the day she itched and complained that she had gold everywhere. Silly girl! Will she ever learn! ;-)

And Bianca just enjoyed the day sucking on her lolly pop and Larissa's prize winnings from the putt putt. I think she had the best time out of all of them.

On the way home, the girls passed out!!

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these are such wonderful giveaways! Go check it out. And I cant believe she will be opening a new store. I cant wait to see what else she has to offer. Such Talent!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

We've got Costumes!

My mother went to the thrift store yesterday and found some great things for the kids. Larissa wants to be a Pirate, so we got her a few things to make up a costume.

I think we will add a sword, earrings, and maybe a big belt.

Joshua wants to be a Vampire. Im thinking, thats easy. But we did find a cape, and some make-up. So now we just need to get him a white shirt and some black pants.

The babies were a bit harder. I wanted them to be something cute. But I kinda wanted to get them into a costume that matched. But we were having a hard time finding matching costumes. But my mom lucked out, she found these two matching lion costumes that were only 4 dollars each. Sure beats the 20.00 + that you can pay at the stores.

So with just a few more added touches.. we are done! I cant believe it, we usually get costumes the night before!! hahahahahah

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yeah!! I got a couple of cake orders

Ive been putting out flyers and postings for a couple of weeks now, and no bites on the cakes. Ive become a bit down about selling cakes that I pretty much have given up on selling any of them. But that doesnt mean I have gotten over the baking bug. My next baking project is the cupcake pops. I saw them on Bakerella. They Look Wonderful! And I can't wait to attempt them. Well Im off to work on these cake orders! Hopefully they will love them and they will order more.. or at least tell thier friends!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pigtails and Snails Giveaway

Win this Fantastic quilt over at Pigtails and Snails All you have to do is leave a comment, and if you want more ways to win, she offers more ways to win. Go Check it out!!

Alright, alright, alright...

I really need to get my butt in gear and get my Kids Clothing Exchange in gear. It is going to start changing tempature outside, and I have a closet full of winter clothes. So for the next two weeks, Im going to devote my free time at home to bundling up clothing. For those of you visiting from other blogs, I run a Free Kids Clothing Exchange out of my home. I give free gently used clothing in exchange for gently used clothing. I have a lot of items, and I think its time I get them moving.

I really want to start some sewing projects, but since Im really a beginner, and I have no sewing machine, Im going to be looking up projects that I can do by hand sewing. So, if anyone knows of some simple but nice projects that can be easy for a beginner. Please let me know. I would really like to make a few things for Christmas, so any little gift ideas would be good.

But first, I really am going to get some space in my house by getting all the clothing bundled. If you want more info on the Kids Clothing Exchange.. go here.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Man

Yesterday was my son's 7th Birthday. We celebrated on Saturday with a party in the park with Friends and Family. We had Pizza and Cake. My son wanted an Oreo cookie cake. So I brainstormed all week about how I wanted to make his cake. We had saw one in the store, but those werent that great looking. Just really plain. So I came up with this cake.

It has 3 layers, Chocolate cake and White Cake. Lined up like an Oreo Cookie. I crushed oreos into the cream cheese icing and layered it on. Then put mini oreos on the top. He loved it. It turned out just like I wanted. Here is a shot of the cake after we cut into it.

We also made an "adult" cake. And I had tried this recipe before, but I had something different in mind for how I wanted to remake the cake. It is a Butter Pecan mix, and I really like it and wanted to add more to it. And this is what I came up with.

It was yummy. We had a great time at the park, And Joshua enjoyed his birthday.. Here is picture with one of his favorite gifts.

Happy 7th Birthday!!

Indie fixx Autumn Cornucopia Giveaway

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Grosgrain: Shenandoah Costume GIVEAWAY!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My first version on the Baby Legwarmers

Let me say that, IM not!! a crafty person... Not by nature. But there is something in my head that really makes me want to be!! I get all these ideas and inspirations.. but Im never able to see them thru. In the past, Ive sewn holes in pants, buttons on shirts, and Once I made a doll for a friend, but nothing like this. But I really feel inspired to try to do this. So, Im teaching myself. And Im enjoying it. Over the weekend I attempted my first sewing project, And can I just say, I admire those women who can whip up an outfit or anything that would take me weeks just to figure out how to do it. So Im starting small and simple, and one day hope to move up to a sewing machine. I dont think my Johnny would allow me to even thing about buying one, if he didnt really know I was serious about this. And he doesnt know it yet.. but I AM!! ;-) If I can get me a sewing machine.. I will!! hehehehe..
Ok, so here is my first attempt at Baby Leg warmers. I made them using hubby's old socks. I wanted to make sure I had the concept down. And now that I think I can get it, Im going to move up to decorated socks. Ill probably get some this weekend. But here is my Baby Legwarmers.
Can you tell they are old!!, I was a bit nervous about how
the bottom cuff would look but it isnt too bad.

Here is Bianca in them, she is trying to figure out "What the heck are these?"

Here is Cordy in them, It almost looks like she is dancing in them!!

Ok, something really did bite me!

Ok, So, This past weekend we took the kids to the Wildlife expo. Its the first one we've ever been to. We figured, well its Free, so why not. We had a good time. The weather was nice, and we had packed water and a picnic. We got to do a few crafts, see some RV's, taste wild game, and the kids even got to pet a live, but dead shark. And towards the end of our day.. while I was trying to explain to my very hot, tired and dissapointed children, that I would not spend 30 min in a line for a 5 min ride while thier sisters were very sleepy.... I got bit on the back of my neck buy something. It stung and burned. And that was it, I wanted to go home. I have never been stung by a bee, a scorpion once, but not a bee. Im not sure which was worse, since it was so long ago, but I was more afraid by the being allergic part. I was fine, by the time we got to the car.. so the day wasnt ruined.

This is Cordy, working on her fishing skills

Bianca, check out a bone from one of the display tables

Cordy petting the Shark!

All in all we had a great time, and even though Johnny started the day not wanting to go, he had a good time. I think it turned out to be something we will do again!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Something bit me!

And I have no idea what it was! But recently I have been such a busy bee in my head. Ive never been really creative, but then again, Ive never wanted to be. Ive never had the desire to branch out and figure out if there is anything Im good at. I just figured, if I wasnt good at Drawing, then what else is there. But in January I started something that has taken a life of its own. I had a bake sale to raise money to send my daughter to the Hannah Montana Concert when it came to town. I made cakes and sold them to family members. And you know what. I enjoyed it. Ive always loved baking. Even in middle school and high school. I loved to bake cookies. Chocolate Chip and Peanut butter were my favorite. But it was only something I liked to do. And then life got in the way. And now, with 4 beautiful children and a very supportive husband, Ive discovered that I really enjoy baking. So I started selling cakes again. Mostly for the side money, but also I sell them so cheap, its more fun for me than anything else. This Baking Monster is taking on a life of its own. And It has really motivated me to do more. A few weeks ago, I made Cheese cakes, and a pumpkin roll. And I loved it!! They came out great. And I have been trolling the net looking for more recipes that I can make. Its become obbsessive. But very satisfiying. Just last week I made a Black Forrest Cake. It is my favorite. And I said to myself. I can make this. And it came out fantastic. Now, Im no professional. Just a person who enjoys baking.

And now, its branched out into other things. Im going to try to make my first pair of baby legwarmers. They seem easy enough, so Im going to give it a try. But I already have plans for more projects. Oh and Im looking into dinner recipes as well, and scrapbooking, Although Ive been trying to get that going for a while. I just havent had the space. But I may try and figure something out soon. Here are some of the cakes Ive made.. Ill post more as I make them!!

Here is the black forrest cake. Next time, I think Im going to add some crumbled cake to give more color and texture.

Oh here is my Upside Down Pineapple cake. Its wonderful!!

This one is the Strawberry with Cream Cheese Frosting and Fresh Strawberries. Im thinking of turning this into a cupcake next!

Ahh, this one is my Upside Down Banana Cake. This one surprised me, and My family loves this cake. My mouth waters just thinking about it!!

This one is the German Chocolate with Coconut and Pecan Frosting!

This is a Chocolate with Fudge Frosting and walnuts

This is the Carot cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and Nuts, Yummy!

These are the cakes Ive made so far. My only regret is that I didnt take a picture of that Pumpkin Roll. It was awesome. And I was so proud of it. I will have to make that one again, just for the picture ;-)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

All those little things...

Well, this is a first! well not really, Ive posted blogs on myspace before, but never like this. Ive been reading so many blogs that I thought, hey, why not give it a try. This will be my place to share with family and friends "All those little things" that keep me excited about life. From my children, husband, house, and interests. I just figured Id find a place to share. Cant wait to get really started.

Just a picture of me with my youngest daughter.