Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Ok, it took me a while, but I came up with my own top ten list of scary movies. And Im a big wuss when it comes to horror movies, so for the ones that my husband has subjected me to, these are my top ten. But first.. here are his top Ten.

10. Fright Night
9. Poltergeist
8. Night of the Living Dead
7. The Howlilng
6. American Warewolf in London
5. Nightmare on Elm Street 1
4. The Descent
3. The Shining
2. Phantasm
1. The Exorcist

Johnny is from the older school. He has seen many horror movies. Which is why Ive been "Forced" to watch them, so some of mine are newer. But there are a few classics in there.

10) House of Wax (2005) - This is one of the first scary movies I watched as an adult. Yes, I managed to avoid them for quite a while! I had seen WaxWork when I was younger, and I liked that movie, so I thought.. Im sure I can handle this one. But Man!! My heart was pumping so hard, I thought I was going to pass out! I didnt think it would be such a good movie, more cheesy, you know, cause of Paris Hilton. But I was amused by the way she died. Hum!

9) Night of the Living Dead (1968) - I really liked the remakes of this. Return of the Living Dead in in the 80's and then more remakes in the 90's. But this one was the one to start it all. First off WTG on the black lead character. But the Black and White of this movie, made it that more creepy. For being done in the late 60's they really did amazing things with this movie. Its the Horror movie that keeps on Horroring.. I know thats not a word!

8) The Hills Have Eyes (2006) - Can I say.. this movie has one of the most disturbing scenes that I have ever witnessed! The part when they are in the RV and for one.. They kill the mother, the bird, and then one of them is actually Breastfeeding from one of the victims! WTH! Not only were these people beyond ugly, but come on! I was disturbed! But it really did scare me enough to know.. NEVER take Short Cuts!!

7) Hellraiser (1987) - Ok, I wanted to be able to do the puzzles. But I didnt want things come after me like that. Pinhead is one of the greatest villians. In my opinion! He seemed so calm and smart and almost made him an ok guy. Well untill Cenobites came and you were screwed! That scene where they rip Frank apart.. Bleeeeh

6) Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) - I have never seen the original, but I remember driving with my grandparents to Belton every year, and my uncle would tell me that we were going to drive right by the house, and if I didnt behave, they would leave me there. OMG. Dont tell that to a child! hahahaha.. But it scared me enough to not ever watch the movie. I didnt know what went on in that house, And I didnt want to! But when the remake came out. I thought Id give it a try. AND NO, I still dont want to be left there.. But I can see how that was a good scare tactic!

5) Poltergeist (1982) - This movie taught me two things. I will never have a child sized clown anywhere in the house!! And if building a pool, do it in one day!! So many things in this movie freaked me out. The Clown.. Really do I have to say anything else! But the part when the mom is running down the hall and it keeps getting longer and longer. That is a scary feeling for a mother! But what messed me up, was when they are in the pool, and the skeletons are coming up. Yikes!

4) Cujo (1983) - After this.. I was no longer a dog lover! I remember seeing this as a child and being totally freaked out, not only by big dogs, but by bats!! All I could remember was that this dog was mad.. and it had something to do with Bats. But I got to see this last year.. AND oh man! this movie is insane.. and so is that dog. Its old sure, but the fear is the same. Danny Pintauro did a great job as a child. I wonder if he had nightmares of Dogs chasing him! Oh and DYK, the mom was having an affair? I didnt.. not till I was an adult. Isnt it funny how you notice new things when you watch movies over again!

3) The Entity (1981) - I felt so bad for Barbara Hershey! I first saw this when I was young.. and I didnt know what was happening to her when that thing molested her. But I knew that overall.. It was tourmenting her. Not only was she being attacked, but no one believed her. To think that everything is happening to you and no one can help you is a very scary feeling. This movie doesnt have a villan you can see and that makes your imagination work overtime. But just to see what this thing does to her, its very disturbing.

2) The Shining (1980) - This is the one! The movie that gave me nightmares for weeks and made me vow to never watch a scary movie again! EVER. And I hadnt I had gone years with out really watching another movie, cause this movie scared the snot out of me!! I have seen it recently, cause my daughter is Horror Junkie along with my husband, and she likes this movie. But you know what.. Its not that bad. Sure there are some creepyness, and yikesness.. but overall not so scary anymore. Dont get me wrong. Its still one of the greatest Horror movies ever made. And I really hope no one ever tries to remake it.. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"

1) The Descent (2005) - Those creatures were Fantastic!! They were so horrifying that I could not sit still watching this. And it gave Johnny a nightmare! Ive seen lots of movies, but this one just sucked.. they fought to stay alive but they were dead when they got trapped! This movie makes you remember why you are scared of the dark, Oh and blind creatures that can only track by sound!! I saw this in my home and I could not contain myself. I can not imagine watching this in the theater. I would have pee'd myself! Its not the greatest of stories, but how many horror films are actually great stories. This one was all scare factor.

There it is.. My top 10 Scariest Movies! If you havent seen any of these, go.. rent.. Or Share with me your favorite, so I can go Rent!!

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