Thursday, October 9, 2008

My first version on the Baby Legwarmers

Let me say that, IM not!! a crafty person... Not by nature. But there is something in my head that really makes me want to be!! I get all these ideas and inspirations.. but Im never able to see them thru. In the past, Ive sewn holes in pants, buttons on shirts, and Once I made a doll for a friend, but nothing like this. But I really feel inspired to try to do this. So, Im teaching myself. And Im enjoying it. Over the weekend I attempted my first sewing project, And can I just say, I admire those women who can whip up an outfit or anything that would take me weeks just to figure out how to do it. So Im starting small and simple, and one day hope to move up to a sewing machine. I dont think my Johnny would allow me to even thing about buying one, if he didnt really know I was serious about this. And he doesnt know it yet.. but I AM!! ;-) If I can get me a sewing machine.. I will!! hehehehe..
Ok, so here is my first attempt at Baby Leg warmers. I made them using hubby's old socks. I wanted to make sure I had the concept down. And now that I think I can get it, Im going to move up to decorated socks. Ill probably get some this weekend. But here is my Baby Legwarmers.
Can you tell they are old!!, I was a bit nervous about how
the bottom cuff would look but it isnt too bad.

Here is Bianca in them, she is trying to figure out "What the heck are these?"

Here is Cordy in them, It almost looks like she is dancing in them!!

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katie z said...

Those legwarmers are super cute!