Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bon Jovi!!

We got tickets to Bon jovi.. We got tickets to Bon Jovi!! Thats what Johnny kept saying!! He was so excited!! Now, I love Bon Jovi also, but for him.. it was a bigger deal. And I was so happy to share that concert with him. He had gone to one of thier concerts, like 15 years ago. I had never been to one. Oh and it was awesome.. Yes, we had to drive like 4 hours.. and I had just done my first 10K earlier that morning.. But, I wouldnt trade it. We happened to get these tickets thru craigslist, and they were great seats. Oh and we got a parking pass along with them. And it was cool, we just parked and walked right across the street. A local band opened for Bon Jovi, they had a contest with a local radio station.. and the winner got to open up for them. How great would that be!! Bon Jovi was great!! Better than great! They sang all the old songs, and some of the new ones. Like, Livin on a Prayer, When we were beautiful, Wanna make a memory, Superman, Bed of Roses, Have a nice day, Its my life, You give love a bad name.. And they even closed out the show with Wanted dead or alive!

Waitin for the show to start!

So excited!!

Jon singing Bed of Roses!

The end!!

Capitol 10K

In February I started a weightloss challenge. I was motivated and ready. But its always hard to stay on track. So, I decided I needed something extra to work towards. My cousin, who suggested the challenge, had been doing 10Ks and 5Ks for the past year. So when she told me about the Capitol 10K, I was very interested, but never thought Id be able to do it. So I started training for it. Not hard core or anything, but I went from not doing anything, to working on walking for 6.2 miles. At first I was scared, and started to think, I was going crazy. I had never been a runner and thats what these races represented to me. But I stuck with it, and with encouragement from my cousin and husband, I was ready!

Here I am, ready to start the race!

It was drizzling just a bit. But look at all the people!

Everyone walking. Lots and lots of people!

At the finish line.. My 1st 10K and I finished in just under 2 hours!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

the Luna Moth

Early morning while rushing out of the house, the first two of us ran right out, and didnt see it. It wasnt till the third person yelled out.. Eww.. We are not bug people, and right away.. this was a huge bug. So I took out the camera while we all looked and dared each other to touch it. The little girls were grossed out, the big girl was daring the boy to touch it, and he was thinking of ways to smash it!! And me.. I took pictures of it. For a minute or two, we forgot we were running late for school. So I ordered them all into the car while me and Johnny took time to examine it.

How really beautiful it looks!

At first we thought it was two, sorta butterflies. Very Strange.

Well, after Looking it up, (thanks to Deborah).. Its a Luna Moth. Actually very rare. The Luna Moth has wingspan of up to four and a half inches. The luna moth emerge as adults and live for around 7 days. Thier only purpose is to mate and lay eggs. They are generally out around the March to July season.

Fun day at the Park

I decided to take the kids out for a walk, and then play on the playground. Everyday since, they keep asking to go for a walk. Man, what door did I open? haha

The Carnival is in town!

I was so happy to take the kids to the carnival this year. This is the first time that they little girls were able to ride the rides, and they loved it. I truly do like this age, where they are able to get around and do things on thier own. Yes, they are a little more defiant, but they are just trying to make thier place in this big world.

They didnt make it onto the Ferris Wheel, but they enjoyed everything else.

Even the big kids got in on the fun!

Being Manhandled by a Costume!

This is what happens when Animals attack!

Walk for Lupus

My Oldest cousin was diagnosed with Lupus just last year. And a friend of mine has a niece that has lupus, so when she invited me to walk with her team, I decided to talk with my cousin to see if she would be ok to have her own team. I think at first she was a bit unsure, but after a bit, she ok'ed the idea. Which I was glad, cause it at least helps my cousin to know that she is not a lone. Plus I figured it would be a great way to show her how much her family is there for her.
Tina's Sombreros

We had a great time. And I was so thankful for our family who pulled together to raise close to 200 dollars for Lupus Research. Im hoping that next year we can get more family and friends involved and raise even more money. We will just have to make more shirts!

My cousin Tina, and sister Lita.. She walked the whole way, Im so proud of her!

Cant wait to do it again, I had a blast with my cousins.

Valentines 2010

Ohh.. Valentines day.. Yummy goodies.. All homemade.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Marshmallows

And the Heart Cake I made for my Welita. With real flowers on top!

Easter 2010

This years Easter was a little sad. Last year we celebrated at my house. My Welito and Welita came, along with Aunt and cousins. Well, this past January, my Welito passed away. It was a sad couple of months, and although our family didnt let the memories get us down, I know everyone kept him in our thoughts. This years Easter came with a lot of changes and not knowing where and when to go. Sometimes with a big family, its hard to set up times to visit with people, especially on such a big holiday. In most years, its a matter of going to 3 or 4 houses. So, this year, we decided to stay at our house for a bit, and then go to my cousins house. We went there to also celebrate my little cousins birthday.
Why cant I ever get them to look at the camera and stand still!!

Check out that Loot.. Can you see the Hidden Barbie??
My Aunt getting my Welita with a cascarone!

They Love to chase each other with those eggs!!

And Bianca watches while enjoying her boiled egg!
Can you believe it, I made two deserts and a pasta salad.. And no pictures. SO, that just means Ill have to make those again. Since they came out so yummy!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Im back.. I promise!!

Ok, Ok.. yes.. I have been so busy. I havent been baking either. But I feel the need to get back on the horse so to speak. But for Now.. here is some random cuteness.. From our newest member of the house!

Introducing, Chico!!