Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter 2010

This years Easter was a little sad. Last year we celebrated at my house. My Welito and Welita came, along with Aunt and cousins. Well, this past January, my Welito passed away. It was a sad couple of months, and although our family didnt let the memories get us down, I know everyone kept him in our thoughts. This years Easter came with a lot of changes and not knowing where and when to go. Sometimes with a big family, its hard to set up times to visit with people, especially on such a big holiday. In most years, its a matter of going to 3 or 4 houses. So, this year, we decided to stay at our house for a bit, and then go to my cousins house. We went there to also celebrate my little cousins birthday.
Why cant I ever get them to look at the camera and stand still!!

Check out that Loot.. Can you see the Hidden Barbie??
My Aunt getting my Welita with a cascarone!

They Love to chase each other with those eggs!!

And Bianca watches while enjoying her boiled egg!
Can you believe it, I made two deserts and a pasta salad.. And no pictures. SO, that just means Ill have to make those again. Since they came out so yummy!!

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