Thursday, April 29, 2010

Capitol 10K

In February I started a weightloss challenge. I was motivated and ready. But its always hard to stay on track. So, I decided I needed something extra to work towards. My cousin, who suggested the challenge, had been doing 10Ks and 5Ks for the past year. So when she told me about the Capitol 10K, I was very interested, but never thought Id be able to do it. So I started training for it. Not hard core or anything, but I went from not doing anything, to working on walking for 6.2 miles. At first I was scared, and started to think, I was going crazy. I had never been a runner and thats what these races represented to me. But I stuck with it, and with encouragement from my cousin and husband, I was ready!

Here I am, ready to start the race!

It was drizzling just a bit. But look at all the people!

Everyone walking. Lots and lots of people!

At the finish line.. My 1st 10K and I finished in just under 2 hours!!

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