Monday, April 19, 2010

Walk for Lupus

My Oldest cousin was diagnosed with Lupus just last year. And a friend of mine has a niece that has lupus, so when she invited me to walk with her team, I decided to talk with my cousin to see if she would be ok to have her own team. I think at first she was a bit unsure, but after a bit, she ok'ed the idea. Which I was glad, cause it at least helps my cousin to know that she is not a lone. Plus I figured it would be a great way to show her how much her family is there for her.
Tina's Sombreros

We had a great time. And I was so thankful for our family who pulled together to raise close to 200 dollars for Lupus Research. Im hoping that next year we can get more family and friends involved and raise even more money. We will just have to make more shirts!

My cousin Tina, and sister Lita.. She walked the whole way, Im so proud of her!

Cant wait to do it again, I had a blast with my cousins.

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