Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bon Jovi!!

We got tickets to Bon jovi.. We got tickets to Bon Jovi!! Thats what Johnny kept saying!! He was so excited!! Now, I love Bon Jovi also, but for him.. it was a bigger deal. And I was so happy to share that concert with him. He had gone to one of thier concerts, like 15 years ago. I had never been to one. Oh and it was awesome.. Yes, we had to drive like 4 hours.. and I had just done my first 10K earlier that morning.. But, I wouldnt trade it. We happened to get these tickets thru craigslist, and they were great seats. Oh and we got a parking pass along with them. And it was cool, we just parked and walked right across the street. A local band opened for Bon Jovi, they had a contest with a local radio station.. and the winner got to open up for them. How great would that be!! Bon Jovi was great!! Better than great! They sang all the old songs, and some of the new ones. Like, Livin on a Prayer, When we were beautiful, Wanna make a memory, Superman, Bed of Roses, Have a nice day, Its my life, You give love a bad name.. And they even closed out the show with Wanted dead or alive!

Waitin for the show to start!

So excited!!

Jon singing Bed of Roses!

The end!!

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