Monday, April 19, 2010

the Luna Moth

Early morning while rushing out of the house, the first two of us ran right out, and didnt see it. It wasnt till the third person yelled out.. Eww.. We are not bug people, and right away.. this was a huge bug. So I took out the camera while we all looked and dared each other to touch it. The little girls were grossed out, the big girl was daring the boy to touch it, and he was thinking of ways to smash it!! And me.. I took pictures of it. For a minute or two, we forgot we were running late for school. So I ordered them all into the car while me and Johnny took time to examine it.

How really beautiful it looks!

At first we thought it was two, sorta butterflies. Very Strange.

Well, after Looking it up, (thanks to Deborah).. Its a Luna Moth. Actually very rare. The Luna Moth has wingspan of up to four and a half inches. The luna moth emerge as adults and live for around 7 days. Thier only purpose is to mate and lay eggs. They are generally out around the March to July season.

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