Friday, September 11, 2009

Daycare Talent Show

In school, I never had the guts to get up and do anything for a talent show. And Ive lived my life believing that I do not have any kind of talent. So, when my kids came to me and said they wanted to be in the talent show for thier daycare. I was pretty proud. Thinking back now, I will try to help them more to work at it. They did a great job, but maybe they needed a little bit more confidence. But so proud watching them up there.

My Oldest daughter sang with a friend of hers. They sang "You belong to me" by Taylor Swift.

Next up, My son. He Danced (yes, Danced) to Thriller. He did very good, especially for someone who has never shown much interest in dancing.

My niece even got in on the talent and sand "Take a Bow" by Rihanna.

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