Friday, September 11, 2009

Ants, Ants, Ants Everywhere!!

This is what happens when you are eating a cookie, and set it down.

And this is what happens, when you go back after a couple of hours and try to eat the cookie you set down.

Yes, she went and picked up the cookie and started to eat it. It was in her room, and the lights were off in there. She went back in and only had the light of the TV in the room, so she didnt see that it was covered in Ants. By the time she came crying to me, the ants were crawling out of her mouth. It looked like a bad horror movie. Right away her lips swelled up and her cheeks turned pink. I called the doctor and they suggested I give her benadryl. It helped her and she was able to get to sleep. Poor baby!! Now everything is.. Does it have Ants. My poor child is scared for life of Ants!

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