Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Track & Field 09

Oh man, I got so sunburned that day!! But it was a very beautiful day. Johnny and I got the chance to hang out with the kids and enjoy the walking. Now, I remember being in elementry and having such anxiety over Track & Field. I have never been the most athletic child. So every year, Id participate in the games, and would end up doing alright. I remember having 3rd place ribbons. So now, the kids get to have that fun. But a little dissapointing, is they dont get ribbons anymore. I was looking forward to them getting some ribbons, I just knew that my kids would at least get 2nd in a few events. But, no, no ribbons! But they had a great time. So really, thats all that matters!
Joshua, sitting with all his classmates, waiting to do Jump Rope.
Joshua, Doing the Shuttle Run.
My niece Kaelani
In the lead at the Potato Sack Race

My big girl, Larissa

Doing the long jump!

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