Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cordelia turns 3!!

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Cordelia"!!

She was singing that to herself for a few days leading up to her party. And on that day, its all she could talk about. Of course, she is only turning 3! She had a blast. We had her party at a park near our house. We invited kids from her school, along with family and friends, and we had a good turn out. She played most of the time on the playground, running after all the kids.

We had a Prize walk!

A Pinata! Cordelia loved hitting it!
Even Bianca had a chance to wack at it!

Next Presents!!
Cordelia's Prized Gift! Cinderella Polly from her God Parents!

And her Cake!! She is all about Princesses right now, so I decided to make a Castle Cake! It took me all week to decide how I wanted to do it, and it really came out great. I think I needed to get a little more creative with the extras, but I think it turned out good. And Cordelia was so excited, she kept telling everyone about her Princess Cake!
And her Excitement, when they were finally singing "Happy Birthday" to her!!

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