Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween 2008

We had a good time this Halloween. It was cut a little short, but then again it was just all we needed. We went to about 3 streets and had a good full bag. This was the first year Cordelia was able to go door to door. It was so cute, she would walk up and say "Trick or Treat" and when they put candy in her pail, she said "Thank You". I was so proud of her. Bianca stayed in the stroller most of the time. When we started there werent a lot of people so I was able to get her out of the stroller and let her walk up to a couple of doors at her own pace. But once it started getting later, more people started coming out and it was crazy. Too many big kids in a hurry to get to each door that they forget to wait thier turn and run over the little kids. But she didnt mind, she hung out and had a good time. Poor Bianca she is always so tolerant. Next year, we might not be able to stop her from the doors. And then look out, she will probably stick her foot out to trip any big kids trying to get in her way.

We had a Pirate, a Vampire and two little lions.

Bianca in her stroller

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