Monday, November 10, 2008

Cherry Vanilla Cupcakes

The best thing about fall is the cooler weather. And as a teenager, I loved the cooler weather, WHY? Cause it meant it was time to start baking. I came across a blog last week, and I have been inspired. I found I heart Cuppycakes! An amazing blog about cupcakes. I looked at every post. And I have so many recipes earmarked to make! I went home and right away made two different batches of cupcakes. The First one I made, I changed up a little bit, but not by much. You can find her recipe along with instructions here. Hers are Vanilla Almond Cherry Cupcakes. Only real difference is that I didnt use anything Almond. But she also changed that recipe a bit from a Peach recipe. So go check it out if you want to see how she did it. Cause technically, she has more experiance in the "Cupcake" field! :-)

Here is the batter, it was a bit thick, but it came out good. The only real change I made to the recipe, was that instead of Almond Extract, I just used some cherry juice from the bottle of cherries. So it tinted it a little pink. I made 24 cupcakes from that recipe.

I think I maybe added too much cherries, but I like cherries, so I wanted more bits in every bite. And I also added just a splash of the cherry juice to the frosting.

The finished cupcake was really good. A little dry, but a really great flavor. Not bad for my first attempts at "homemade" cupcakes. I usually use a box mix. Hubby was supprised by the cherry bits.

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CB said...

Awesome idea about using the cherry juice instead of the almond extract! I bet the pink tint was so cute. Glad you enjoyed the recipe!
Clara @ iheartcuppycakes!