Thursday, April 16, 2009

I did it, I did it, I did it!!

I started baking a lot more in the past year. I told my husband its really all thanks to him, cause he makes sure the kids dont bother me in the kitchen too much while I get a chance to try out my cakes, and he also loves being a taste tester. Also, he really has made it possible for me to feel comfortable in my life to be able to think of doing anything extra. So thanks Hubby!

Now, I saw this cake a couple months back on Bakerella's Blog, and I fell in love. I really wanted to make it. It just looked amazing and at the same time, very Hard! So, Ive been putting it off. But for Easter, I really wanted to take a chance and finally make this cake. Bakerella made a 14 layer cake. And it came out fantastic. The pictures she took and the ease that she shared really made me feel like I could do it too. But still I was nervous, I had never committed myself to something that would take that amount of time to do. But I was determined!!

So, on Bakerella's blog, she gave some different recipe sites that she found, and I looked them over and decided to go with The Smith Family's 12-Layer Cake. The same one that Bakerella used, but I stayed with the 12 Layer Cake. Mostly for the pan issue. I went out and bought pans, and they came in sets of 3, so I grabbed 4 sets, and figured I would use the ones at home to make the other 2, but then I got worried that what if they werent the right size, so I went with the 12 foil pans that I had.

I followed Bakerella's advice and buttered the pans, used parchment paper and buttered again. Then I filled each pan with 3/4 cup cake batter and flattened them all out. I cooked 3 pans at a time, for 12 min each at 350 degrees. Each layer came out perfect! Once they cooled, I removed them all and removed all the papers. Then I set them up on the wire rack and began to frost the cakes, At first I thought I shouldnt use too much icing, and then I started adding more, and once it was done, I just kept pouring the icing on to cover up some of the spots. In the end, it still had a few spots, but no one really cared.

I had planned on adding an extra layer of frosting to give it a cleaner look, but Guests were arriving for Easter, so I finished off the cake by adding Pecans to the top.

In the end, everyone loved it, they went on and on about how moist it was, and was very beautiful. I even got requests to make it for a few family members birthdays, and for every special occasion. It really was a bit of work, but It turned out fantastic. I would be happy to make this cake again!!


Bakerella said...

Looks yummy!

Mommyof2girlz said...

Oh my, this looks delish!! Wow 12 layers, how is it standing Thanks for stopping my my blog yesterday have a wicked awesome Friday!!