Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Kaelani!

For my niece, we had a sleepover at my house for her 8th Birthday. 7 little girls running around the house playing dress up and having thier hair done.. Yikes. My Step Daughter was in town also for spring break, so it was nice to have them all there.

Oh and the cool thing, I tried my hand a at cupcake cake. The pull apart kind. I had offered to make her a cake. And she wanted cupcakes, and then decided she wanted a cupcake cake. So I figured Id give it a shot. Not bad for my first try at it.

Can you tell what it is?? Its supposed to be a purse. I think if I had a bigger plate to put it on, I think I would have had the icing a little better. But again, it was my first try!

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