Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving 08

We had a great time on Thanksgiving. A little busy, but when isnt a Holiday busy. We made a turkey to take to J's Aunts house, and I made a cake to take to my cousins. Then we came home to watch the UT game, and we cooked again!! I really like the winter Holidays it gives me a chance to bake up all kinds of goodies, and no one looks at me crazy. Ill post up the recipes for these goodies, in another post!

BTW, Im thankful, for my family. I know every year I say that, but this time I really mean it. My husband is my rock. We work so well together and we are so a like, I could not ask for more. Sure we argue, but we cant stay mad at each other. And we never let it get out of hand like some couples do. Im thankful for my children. I love seeing them grow and change and they teach me so much about life and the different personalites that everyone has.

Alright, So on the to the goodies!!

Me and Binky

Pumpkin Cake made for Cousins house.

I made a Pumpkin Roll for our house, I love this!!

Some awesome Mini Cheesecakes!

Oh and I made a cherry pie, My first, can you tell by the crust. I will be making this again. I always thought it was going to be hard, but Im hooked. It tasted great and it really was easy. I cant wait to make this again!!

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