Monday, December 15, 2008

Its Snowing!! Its gone!

Last week, it snowed, Here.. In Austin. It never snows here. Well sometimes in the Hill country, but its been like 2 years since we got snow, and that was in January. And its not even close to January yet, and we already got snow. Too bad it was like at 1:00am in the morning. So, I only got my oldest up, and then she wasnt excited. But I was. At first it was rain, and there was Thunder. We have the strangest weather, since earlier in the day, the high was 81. Then, I heard the ice, hitting the chimmny. It wasnt till a little later on, that I noticed something kinda falling outside. I thought it was leaves, but when I looked out. It was snow!!! And it was coming down in big flakes, and swirling all around. It was beautiful, till it hit the ground, and instantly dissapeared! It was cool. And so early for us. Maybe, we will get more snow this year, than just the one day out of the whole year. We usually just get ice.. Speaking.. of Ice, IM not ready for that. Ill take the snow over the Ice any day!!

Our Porch, covered in snow and ice

The most build up in our back yard.

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