Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Weekend with the Tree.. Oh and NKOTB!!

That Saturday started like any other Road Trip. We picked up the girls, and headed out to Houston Tx. We were on our way to the New Kids on the Block concert!
We got in right on time and went to rest and get ready at the hotel. We were going to be meeting a couple of girls for some drinks and food before the concert.

Then we were on our way. Making sure our directions were correct, we got to the place, and began looking for parking. Then we saw it.. a great spot, right near the venue, and we wouldnt have to pay for parking, which was like 12 bucks. So we pulled right in. Everyone got out, and we started to head to the resturant.. and thats when it happend!!

A Tree fell on the car, right as we got out. Not but 20 seconds after we walked away. And not just a branch, the whole tree fell on the car. Good thing it was one of those smaller trees, but it was so long, it crossed the sidewalk, the car, and one lane of traffic.

And smashed into the front windshield.

Needless to say, we were all so shaken. And being out of town, we had no idea what to do. We were only about 2 hours from the concert and a tree was stuck in the car. So, we decided to head over to the restraunt and have a few drinks anyways. We really couldnt do anything about it. Hope, stayed on the phone with the insurance to clear it up. But there wasnt much good news. We met up with the other ladies at the resturant, but by that time, we were not in the mood to eat. Just round up the Margaritas!

We finally made it to the concert, and despite the beginning of the evening, we really had a great time.
The Opening Act were the Jabbawokees. They were alright, but we only made it in to see the end of thier set.

Then on to The New Kids on the Block. Yes, sitting there, I realized, man.. Im old. But not as old as they are. And they are still bringing in the crowds.

When they came out, it got crazy loud. I can only imagine what it sounded like in the near by mall. Im sure if the wind hadnt knocked down that tree, the sound of so many women screaming all at once, would have done the job!

The show was awesome. They did all thier old hits, and some newer ones. I was so amazed by the large amount of fans. And there were older women, young women, kids, and even men there. It was such a diverse crowd.
When we got to the van, we walked up on people taking pictures next to it. It was quite disturbing, but then we decided to try it, and you know what... it was quite fun. And it cheered us up a bit, while we looked for a way back to the hotel and back Home!!

The next day, we were able to get a ride home!! It turned out to be a great trip, and one we all will never forget. I was very happy to have shared that with some great women!! Till next time ladies!!

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