Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Johnny, Larissa, & Bianca!

That first week of August will always be very hectic! I have 3 lions after all.. Bianca' Second birthday was on July 30, and then we celebrate Johnny's 32 and Larissa's 11th birthday on August 3rd. So we usually set one day and celebrate Johnny and Larissa, and since Bianca is still small, we roll hers into the day as well. We had a Pool party for the girls, and a get together at our house. Nothing too big. But we had a great time.

Larissa wanted a Skull cake. So I did my best at freehand! Not too bad.

And for Bianca we decided on Hello Kitty.

Larissa got some pretty nice gifts. Including these text messengers.

And Bianca got some cool Walkie Talkies to share with Cordelia!

Then we had some good food..

And some good friends over to the house!

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