Monday, August 17, 2009

4th of July

This year, we decide to take the kids on a trip to Belton, Texas. Its where I have family from. And my mother was going to be going for thier annual 4th of July Parade. In years past, she has always tried to get us to go. And I haven't been since I was a little girl. So we went ahead and joined them. Besides, I had never taken the kids to a parade. They were due one.
We started the weekend off at Lake Belton. Very nice. I was a litte weirded about going into the lake. I am not a lake person. I like to see my feet. But had to take the kids in.
We made a picnic while out there and enjoyed the sunset.

Me and Johnny

Sunset at Lake Belton

The next morning we got up bright and early and went to get our space at the Parade. Friday night, I started to not feel too well, so that morning, I had a fever. I was so upset that I was feeling that sick, while out of town on a great little vacation with the family. But I got thru. And we had a great time at the Parade.

There were so many entries in the Parade. It lasted quite a while.

Joshua at the Parade

Larissa at the Parade
Bianca at the Parade
Even Cordelia had an ok time, but after a while she was bored.

After the Parade, we went to visit some family and got to eat and enjoy some very good food.

Johnny loved the awesome sausage wraps!!

And Bianca loved the watermelon!!

By the evening, I had completely gone from bad to worse.. I was so sick. I had fever, chills, sore throat and a terrible headache. So we made it to the fireworks, but I had forgotten the batteries to my camera. So unfortunately we didnt get any pictures of the fireworks and the kids. But they loved it. We drove out to Temple, TX to see the fireworks and they were beautiful. We are even considering going again, next year. Hopefully this time, I wont get sick. Which by the way, ended up being tonsillitis. So that was a lot of fun!!

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