Thursday, June 11, 2009

One of the most beautiful things Ive ever seen!!

While on our way back from picking up my step-daughter from Lubbock, We saw the most wonderful thing. While on our 6 hour drive, we were in 3 hours of driving and we started seeing the storm clouds. But while driving you take so many turns that one min you are headed into the storm, and then next min you are headed out of the storm. But once we got on a straight path, we got headed into the storm.

But while we were headed into the storm, we saw a rainbow. Just a small part of it. Then we saw it.. The whole thing, The whole Rainbow!! We even saw the begining and then end. It was so awesome to see. We kept driving and went right under it. I have always seen rainbows, but never have I seen one like this. And when we got closer, we even saw a mirror image of the rainbow, so it looked like two!!! I dont know if I would ever see anything like this again.. but to see it once was great!!

Here is us driving into the Rainbow.

On the left was the beginning

To the right was the end

And if you look close, you can see the refection of the Rainbow, so it looks like two.

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