Thursday, June 11, 2009

Family Fitness Day

We had a really fun day at the Family Fitness day, It was really hot, but it was free!! I didnt know what to expect or how to explain it to the kids.. so going in, they were not very amused with the idea. But once they got started.. they had a great time. But why is it that you never have enough time to do everything!!!

Larissa found it a little hard, but she did it!! Her nails kept getting in the way.

Autumn had no trouble at all.

I think this was Kaelani's first time, so it took her a little while.

Joshua never gave up, well at least for his whole turn!

There was some Football tossing.

An inflatable obstacle course, that Cordelia even got in on!

And even some jump rope! What is Family Fitness without Jump Rope!!

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