Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Best kind of Swimming!

Of course, its summer! And what do you do in the summer. Go Swimming!! Now, I usually dont care to just float around in the big pool, but since I have small girls I do it. And we went swimming the other day, and I just sat in the baby pool. So, a friend told me about this place.. so we decided to try it out. And We loved it!! We cant wait to go back! We had such a great time, half of us got sunburned!! Including me!! They had two big water slides, two kiddie slides, and a small river current. Oh and a couple of sprayers. For the most part. I had more fun there then going to Schlitterbaun. Paying all that money.. Riding the rides once, waiting in long lines till you dry off.. and then paying outrageous amounts for only half decent food. So, for us.. this is it..

They had a slide, straight down!

Joshua loved it! He must have rode them 50 times!

Kaelani too, she even made some friends while there!

Cordelia loved it, we couldnt get her off. She cried when we left!

Bianca even surprised me. She got the hang of it really quick!

We all can not wait to go back!!

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