Thursday, January 8, 2009


Ok, so its the 8th and the New year has already started. And since so many days have passed, you can tell Im busy. The biggest thing Ive got going right now is committing to lose weight. Ive been setting up menus and researching to get us on this horse! It will cut down on my baking.. but Im going to still keep it open. I dont usually eat all that I make. I will make cupcakes, and eat only 1 out of the whole batch. But my hubby will have 3 or 4 and since this weight loss goal is for him too. Im going to find something less sweet to work on. Im looking into a sewing machine! Hopefully I can start on sewing. And this will start another year where Id like to make more time to scrapbook. Also, we will be moving in a few months, so that will be taking up some time. This is an exciting year!! Lots of things to happen. First off, Ill be posting some make-up posts, and then Ill start on the new year!!

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